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Spier Wine Farm, Saturday 18 March 2023
Keith Roxburgh

A light drizzle delayed the start of the outing but it did not dampen the 14 strong group’s
determination to bird. The dam produced some delights: Black Crake, Giant Kingfisher, a Malachite
Kingfisher family and an Intermediate Heron. On the far side of the dam 4 Black-crowned Night
Heron were easily seen as were the hybrid Yellow-billed Ducks. Once we had crossed the river
numerous Black-headed Heron and Black Saw-wing were seen. The male Barn Swallows showed off
their outer tail streamers during many fly-byes with Greater Striped Swallow and Brown-Throated
March lilies were numerous, and the gardens were enjoyed by all.
The Agapanthus plantings gave the group ample opportunity to clearly see the difference between
the non-breeding Yellow Bishop and Southern Red Bishop as well as the difference between male
and female Stonechat. The highlight of the day was to see a group of 4 Black Duck swimming
around on the Eerste River. It was a great morning out and a joy to share a number of lifers with a
few of the members. In all 55 or more birds were seen and the morning finished with coffee and
eats at the Farm Café.

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