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Majik Forest - 13 September 2023
This early calendar spring outing was one of firsts: Two new members joined us; Roland from Germany and Anika from Welgemoed; a new parking area and route; lovely weather; and the first sightings of Swallows and Swifts for the season. Our lovely group of 13 birders had lovely views of the Weavers and Bishops building nests and making a lot of noise at the top dam, so much so that it drowned out the lovely call of the Lesser Swamp Warbler who gave all a good sighting. On our return past the top dam, all was quiet and the Warbler could be heard clearly. A Black Harrier gave us a quick fly-by to the South but the African Harrier Hawk was the star. She was seen perched close to her nest and soon after on the nest. All the normal Majic forest birds were seen, 40 in all including
Rosy-faced Lovebirds feeding on a bird feeder. The kurpers in the dam lazily swam around and some were quite large.
The walk across the lower dam wall and then through the forest area in the shade was lovely and a
female Cape Batis was very obliging and showed herself to us all. What was amazing was the 3 wild bee hives we passed along this section of the walk. After a walk back up the hill and another view of the African Harrier Hawk we had tea and a chat under the trees close to the car park. A great outing and good fun.
Keith Roxburgh

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