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Year-End Outing
11th December 2020

TBC – YEAR-END OUTING – 11-12-21

We were blessed with really nice weather, for our year-end outing. Starting with a walk along the ‘rockjumper’ contour path at Rooi Els. A water pipeline was being put in and there had been a lot of disturbance – hence not many birds were seen here. We hope there are no double agenda’s for this pipeline, along such a pristine area of coastal fynbos.

Next we meandered to Harold Porter reserve at Betty’s Bay. This reserve is popular and really lovely. African Paradise Flycatcher were seen, but alas – no Blue-mantled Crested Flycatchers seen this time. Cape Batis, Brimstone and White-throated Canary, Malachite Sunbird and Black Saw-wing were some of the many nice birds seen. The first red Disa for the season, was seen on our hike.


A lovely picnic was held, with birthday cake brought for everybody by a kind birder. There was a noisy wedding on in the Clubhouse. Asking Members for ideas for a future Christmas outing – it was unanimous – they want Betty’s Bay and Harold Porter to once more be the venue of choice. After a nice picnic many of us went down to Stony Point to see the African Penguins. This colony has really grown, and we were able to enjoy large groups of birds on the beach nearest the car park. We hope the reintroduction of Penguins to a new site near De Hoop – with the hope of starting a new colony – will be successful! 


Brigid Crewe

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