Tygerberg Bird Club are having their next ZOOM meeting, on:-
THURSDAY – 20 AUGUST 2020 (19:30)
SPEAKER: Matthew Orolowitz
TOPIC: “Life on the edge: does body size influence how birds deal with the heat in South Africa’s
most extreme desert?”

Climate change is acknowledged as one of the foremost threats to biodiversity. Animals can use behaviour to reduce the impacts of increasing heat. Traits such as body size has been identified as a factor that may influence species vulnerability to climate change. Previous studies have found that larger birds may be more vulnerable to climate change than smaller birds. However, these studies look at birds with very different foraging methods. My study looked at larks in the Tankwa Karoo National Park and aimed to find out whether large species really are in trouble with increasing temperatures?
*Matthew’s project was proudly supported by the Tygerberg Bird Club Conservation Fund.*





THURSDAY – 17 SEPTEMBER 2020 (19:30)
SPEAKER: Kevin Drummond-Hay
Topic: Birding in Thailand!

Kevin spent 21 days, visited 14 National Parks and had a sojourn in the Ancient City. Thailand is a
birding destination of note!! Come and enjoy the incredible birding of this area with us.

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