Our Mission
To enhance our knowledge of all birds, their behaviour and their habitats, and to introduce the public to the conservation and science of our avian heritage through enjoyable participation by club members.

The Tygerberg Bird was originally started in 1986 as a splinter club to the Cape Bird Club (CBC) and specifically aimed at residents of the Northern Suburbs. For the first 21 years the club was run as an independent hobby club with an affiliate membership of Birdlife South Africa. In November 2007 the club became a full member of Birdlife South Africa, adding its voice and input to the conservation of Birdlife and the environmental matters headed up by Birdlife International, thereby growing the international organisation's membership numbers and adding a bigger voice to fund raising efforts for the numerous conservation projects run, not only in South Africa, but worldwide.

Monthly meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of every month (see program). The meetings are held at the TYGERBERG NATURE RESERVE, Totius Street, Welgemoed – starting at 19h30.


Members of this vibrant and friendly club can enjoy the following:

1. Monthly illustrated presentations about our birds and their environment

2. Wednesday and Saturday excursions to find and identify special birds

3. Group camps at birding hot-spots

4. Courses on bird identification

5. Counting water birds at wetlands

6. Survey areas for the Bird Atlas project

7. Meeting and befriending fellow birders and experts


Chirp from our Chairman – Nov. 2020


Although 2020 has been a really upside down year, with meetings on Zoom and no evening meetings held since March – the TBC have been doing good work behind the scenes. Recently TBC   conservation funds were donated to repair the bird hide roof at Geelbek, in the West Coast National Park. We thank the Honorary Rangers for getting the quotes, and necessary Park approvals – and supervising the actual work. 


The new 2021 TBC Calendars for Conservation are lovely. Please go to our website www.tygerbergbirdclub.org and order yours. Well done to Lesley for another great calendar. Also a big thank you to the sponsors, who support the club.  All profits go towards Conservation.


The outings were restarted, with a lovely day spent in the Darling farms in September. Wildflowers were still beautiful, and birds were displaying. Intaka, Majik Forest & Tygerberg Nature Reserve once more have shown that birding at our local spots – is wonderful! Great birds can be seen all around the Peninsula. Our hobby is fun, and gets us out into the beautiful parts of our country.


We thank the 2020 committee for all the hard work behind the scenes, and also Dalene Vanderwalt for co-ordinating all the Zoom meetings this year as well as putting together the KITE magazines. A big thank you also to all who have come forward, to do CWAC waterbird counts, as well as CAR counts. To all the citizen scientists, who are doing SABAP2 bird atlassing counts – well done and keep up the great work.


Happy Bird Watching!

Brigid Crewe


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