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Our Mission
To enhance our knowledge of all birds, their behaviour and their habitats, and to introduce the public to the conservation and science of our avian heritage through enjoyable participation by club members.

Chirp from the Chair (March 2024)
A BIG welcome to all the new Members who have joined the TBC, in 2024. Do join us at the monthly meetings and outings. Also a BIG THANK YOU, for all the Donations given by Members’ to the club.
We have some good Conservation projects in the pipeline.
After a really wet Winter in 2023, the last four months have been really dry. A REMINDER to all
nature lovers – to please put out some water, and keep the bird baths filled up. It is quite amazing the amount of birds drinking or bathing in my garden daily. It gives me great enjoyment, to watch the passing parade!!! Once again reminding us that birds need water every day.
Thank you to Keith Roxburgh who has drawn up the outings schedule for the year. We look forward to meeting many members, at the various venues. Also welcome to Benita Bartlett who has joined the Committee. We look forward to the ‘Birding Year’ ahead.
Please share your trip reports, and photographs. Articles for the KITE will also be much appreciated.
Brigid Crewe

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