Our Mission
To enhance our knowledge of all birds, their behaviour and their habitats, and to introduce the public to the conservation and science of our avian heritage through enjoyable participation by club members.

The Tygerberg Bird was originally started in 1986 as a splinter club to the Cape Bird Club (CBC) and specifically aimed at residents of the Northern Suburbs. For the first 21 years the club was run as an independent hobby club with an affiliate membership of Birdlife South Africa. In November 2007 the club became a full member of Birdlife South Africa, adding its voice and input to the conservation of Birdlife and the environmental matters headed up by Birdlife International, thereby growing the international organisation's membership numbers and adding a bigger voice to fund raising efforts for the numerous conservation projects run, not only in South Africa, but worldwide.

Monthly meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of every month (see program). The meetings are held at the TYGERBERG NATURE RESERVE, Totius Street, Welgemoed – starting at 19h30.


Members of this vibrant and friendly club can enjoy the following:

1. Monthly illustrated presentations about our birds and their environment

2. Wednesday and Saturday excursions to find and identify special birds

3. Group camps at birding hot-spots

4. Courses on bird identification

5. Counting water birds at wetlands

6. Survey areas for the Bird Atlas project

7. Meeting and befriending fellow birders and experts




We are happy to announce that the TBC 2022 Calendars have arrived. We urge our Members to buy one or more, at R100-00 each. They make wonderful presents. All of the committee have stock, or you can order from Les Teare. See www.tygerbergbirdclub.org


We thank the sponsors for once more supporting the ‘Calendar for Conservation’ project. Congratulations to Les Teare, for putting together another superb calendar.  This year the profits made from sales - is supporting two wonderful projects. Blue crane research, as well as Black Harrier Conservation. Exciting news is that trackers have been fitted on some black harriers – we look forward to getting more feedback about these projects during the months to come.


During the past week or more, we have had such fun watching a very cheeky Pin-tailed whydah chasing away birds much bigger than it, from our feeding area. This young male, has a shortish tail which he flicks at any bird that comes near the food. Cape sparrows are not put off much, but doves and bulbuls get out of the way. We laugh when this minute bird intimidates Red-eyed doves – who are at least 4 x bigger and much heavier. 1st prize for its fighting spirit!!! They parasitise Common Waxbills – but these we do not really see in our garden.


Thank you to the many Members’ who help with CWAC waterbird counts at Bot River. The TBC Bird Ringing Unit are hard at work once more – with some wonderful retraps. Do join us at our monthly midweek and Saturday outings. A big thank you to Dalene Vanderwalt, who has been co-ordinating the monthly ZOOM meetings – which have been well attended.


Summer migrants are slowly returning to Durbanville, and it is exciting to once more see European Bee-eater and Greater Striped Swallows in our neighbourhood. Happy Birding.


Brigid Crewe