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Our Mission
To enhance our knowledge of all birds, their behaviour and their habitats, and to introduce the public to the conservation and science of our avian heritage through enjoyable participation by club members.

The nicest present for us All – was to go back to a meeting back ‘LIVE’ at the Tygerberg Nature Reserve. The hall was filled and great excitement, was seeing old friends face-to-face once more!!
Gosh – How the world has suffered with the Covid pandemic!
We want to give a ‘huge’ thank you to Dalene Vanderwalt, for running the ZOOM meetings this past 2 and a half years! At times it even meant, driving elsewhere to get to an area where there was no load-shedding! Speakers were really accommodating, and we must thank all of them as well. We started the meetings off with David Hall, giving us a lovely rendition – of Birding highlights of 2021!!
A BIG CONGRATULATIONS – to the three newly qualified TBC Bird Ringers i.e. John Maberly,
Ettienne Kotze and Rocco Nel. – Please see the article in the KITE. The TBC Ringing Unit is 30 years old this year, and we must congratulate the group for their dedication, and wonderful research done – over all these years. Thank you Gerald Wingate for the nice article.
We encourage Members to try and attend Monthly Meetings and Outings. So much birding
enjoyment, is got in this way. We look forward to a TBC Birding Camp in October this year.
Happy Birding!
Brigid Crewe

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