Whenever it is time to go on an outing I get very excited because it is a marvellous opportunity to take a break and get out into the country.  A break from the normal hum drum pace of normal life and for a few hours to enjoy Nature’s offering to us, in the good company of friendly Tygerberg Bird Club members – (Extract from The KITE No. 15 – July 1992). 

We thank past and present committee members, and chairmen who have given up so much of their time to make our club what it is today. John Philogene’s words above, still ring true today. This past month we had a lovely camp to the Cederberg, where many of us enjoyed the spectacular rock formations of that area. 

Our TBC Ringing Unit are up at Rocher Pan monitoring birds this week, and they are continuing the important research that has been done there over the last 15 years. We think of the farmers and their workers who have been badly effected by the drought and ‘bird influenza’ in our Province.  Please DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PICK UP ANY SICK OR DEAD WILD BIRDS and take them into your house. The public are asked to report any incidents to the state vet immediately – 021 808 5253.

Our 2018 calendars are really superb!! We must congratulate Lesley Teare who has once more put together a high quality calendar. We also thank the sponsors, who have supported this worthwhile ‘Conservation’ drive of the TBC. We once more ask every member to try and sell 5 calendars. ALL FUNDS RAISED GO TO CONSERVATION.

On behalf of Brian Vanderwalt our President, and the 2017 Steering Committee we want to thank all our Members who have taken part in CWAC or CAR Counts, or who have atlassed for the SABAP2 project. We also thank members who have helped at meetings, and with the daily running of the club. We treasure the good times shared with club members, and the lasting friendships made. Our hobby is fun, and takes us to wonderful parts of country. Enjoy the hobby of Bird watching.

Happy Birding
Brigid Crewe