The lack of rain has adversely affected our ringing attempts resulting in smaller catches.  At Goedemoeting the Diep and Modder stopped flowing and so did the Klapmuts river at Rocklands leaving only a few pools.   In addition Lee went to visit her family in the UK and I was indisposed which curtailed my ringing activities for a while.   None the less we have managed a number of sessions these past 3 months.   It was exciting seeing three Cape Clawless Otters swimming when the river started flowing slowly at Goedeontmoeting on 12th July.
We had a good session at Avondale ringing 85 birds – mostly Cape White-eyes. 11 species were processed  including a beautiful male Amethyst Sunbird.   Botterblom produced a Fairy Flycatcher and on 9th September a Burchell’s Coucal, a White-throated Canary and a beautiful male Pin-tailed Whydah.  On the 20th September 2017 we retrapped a Cape Wagtail which had been ringed on 25th November 2009 ( 2months short of 8 years ago) at the same site at Goedeontmoeting.   In addition we retrapped a Cape Weaver ringed at the same site at Groot Phesantekraal in 2013 and at Avondale we recaptured a Cape White Eye which had been ringed there in 2013.
At Durbanville Nature Garden we ringed a Cardinal Woodpecker on 19th July2017.    At the same site we retrapped a Cape Sparrow ringed there in August 2011.   A Karoo Prinia retrapped at Rocklands had originally been ringed there in March 2012.      On 19th July 2017 we ringed a Southern Masled Weaver which we recaught at Tygerberg Reserve on 30th August 2017!
The State Vet has advised us to stop bird ringing until the Avian ‘Flu outbreak has been contained.   We have not observed any signs of the disease but have agreed to wait.
Lee and I wish to thank our support team who support us so amazingly getting up at such early hours and working so hard.    We also wish to thank the committee for supporting us so generously as well as other members of the Tygerberg Bird Club.
Margaret McCall